The central user interface

We provide a standard user interface like ChatGPT. This is your development and deployment center for AI automations. You control the system with natural languages

The plugin system

Plugins provide access to your data and extend the capabilities with customized AI models

Usability is a king

Get started page

  • Prompt templates for AI communication
  • Best practices for different use cases

Voice-guided prompt tailoring

  • Speak to the AI in natural speech
  • The AI will ask questions step by step
  • Finally it takes all information and build a perfect prompt

The agent system for task automation

Via an agent system, checks and evaluations can be automated, for example those of the vibration behaviour or the evaluation of a shift

Automated machine monitoring

Sound processing

Up to 24 Piezo sensors build a sound grid for the detection and localization of machine failures. The results are visualized directly on the digital twin of the machine

Image processing

Up to 24 cameras capture every detail of the current state of the machine and all mechanical settings

NeRF for Live 3D

The system can handle up to 24 cameras per machine. That is enough to capture all details and build a 3D live model in real time. So the user can travel in time and space to see what happened

Blender for AR/VR applications

Allows parts to be searched and viewed in the integrated 3D model, with a VR/AR approach to present all information

Data analysis

Generative data scientist

  • Generate data loading functions
  • Generate data processing functions
  • Generate plots

Generative how-to

  • Give instructions for tasks on the machine
  • Explains the work step-by-step

Information retrieval

Generative AI revolutionizes on-the-job training, sculpting tailored learning experiences from vast data, ensuring every employee reaches their full potential

Semantic search for documents

The system swiftly pinpoints and delivers the exact knowledge of the machine professionals need to operate

Visual question answering

The system understands visual concepts, transforming provides images from the shop floor into insightful knowledge

Domain knowledge teaching

Trained on specialized domain knowledge the system is ensuring professionals mastering of the nuances of the field

Detection algorithms

Specialized algorithms process the machine data and give analytical insights for the time series


Finds clusters and anomalies in multi-variable data and builds score to simplify the information


Track the development of the machine and find damage indicators


Correlates data, applies process stability and important analysis

Compliance features

  • Plug in local AI models, which are automatically used
  • Log files for documentation and control
  • Multi User Interface with shared and private tabs
  • Content filtering by local LLM to block sensitive and GPR-related data for OpenAI and Microsoft
  • Auto-translate with local model in 200+ languages in text and speech

Integration in 4 phases

The project progresses through four major phases, starting with the adaptation of an “octopus” software prototype to a machine and ensuring data and IT compliance. This foundation enables the development and refinement of the software through alpha and beta stages, incorporating stakeholder feedback, rigorous testing, and broader machine integration. The project culminates in a comprehensive rollout, with a timeline highlighting a prototype implementation in Brazil and wider beta deployment by Q1/23

Finding the right AI development strategy takes TIME and EFFORT

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